all-in-one comprehensive solution
that simplifies every part of
the busy school day
With all-in-one SCHOLEO School Management Software everything you want to know about and improve in your school is just one click away...
SCHOLEO was developed in collaboration between experienced teachers and software engineers.
From Pre-Nursery to College SCHOLEO regulates all the processes in one easy to use web-based solution.
SCHOLEO can keep all important information through the years perfectly structured and safe.
Connect, coordinate, communicate
Favours teachers; inspires students; engages parents; facilitates administration
All the usual functionalities you can expect and much more
Real-time collaboration at all levels
SCHOLEO is up and running in no time
Painless data migration
Easy online access from anywhere at any time
Simple responsive design that fits any device and multiple platforms
SCHOLEO is flawless to use
It is Role and Multi-Role-Based
Simple and user-friendly intuitive navigation
A few hours of training is completely sufficient
Secure & Reliable
VPS solution that secures the access for any region in the world
State-of-the-art data protection with the latest and greatest SSL technologies
And yes, it checks all the GDPR boxes
The SCHOLEO team is on your side
Fast onboarding and personalisation
We are here and ready to help you in tricky situations
Your School is growing? SCHOLEO will scale up together with you.
Who is SCHOLEO for?
Application and enrolment process management, full control over contracts, payments and necessary documents
Detailed student files with all educational, medical and personal information through the years
Extracurricular activities and summer school
School facilities and transport organisation
School meals menu and payments
Create useful reports
School management
All learning activities and daily schedule management
Detailed school calendar with all activities
Teacher and student support team management – profiles, meetings, trainings, questionnaires
Mailing tool to send unlimited individual or group mails to staff, teachers, students, parents
Reservation tool for parent teacher meetings
Educational process
Interactive tool for homework
All courses and subjects with detailed descriptions
All lesson planning and presentations
Clear lesson learning objectives and success criteria
Special interactive tool covering IB activities: assessment, Extended Essay, CAS experiences, student interviews
Dashboard with important items
Full daily schedule with all activities – duties, class work, trainings, exams, etc.
Everything for daily work with students: attendance, assessment of knowledge and behavior, homework assignments, lessons visualisation
Planning courses – course overview, glossary, strands, syllabus components, learning objectives and all the lessons with the possibility to make presentations
Evaluation reporting
Quick access to important student information
Access real-time to students portal through a personal login
Dashboard with all important information
School calendar
Full daily schedule with all activities – lessons, homework, marks, etc. from first school day
Tool for sending homework to the teacher
Evaluation report
Special interactive tool for IB Students - assessment, Extended Essay, CAS experiences, student interviews and all communication with the teacher
Access real-time to parents portal through a personal login
All your children in one profile
Dashboard with all important messages
School calendar
Full information for every child - daily schedule with all activities: attendance, assessment of behavior, lessons, homework, marks, etc. from first school day, evaluation report
Special reservation tool for meetings with teachers